Food Drive At ABO Schools

CHS Harvest for Hunger Food Drive:
March is Harvest for Hunger month at CHS and with your support we will be able to fill the local food shelves. To help our local communities, CHS is joining forces with the ABO school district to hold a food drive. The drive will run from March 5th – March 19th and we’ve grouped classes together to compete for the most pounds of non-perishable items donated.

Teams are made up with the following classes, the team that brings in the most pounds of non-perishable items will win a pizza party!

Blunt Elementary
Kindergarten class and Aide with 11th Grade
1st Grade with 10th Grade
2nd Grade with 8th Grade
3rd Grade with 9th Grade
4th Grade with 7th Grade
5th Grade with 12th Grade
6th Grade with Admin and Other Staff

The K – 6th grade team will include their teachers. 7-12th grade class will include their class advisors.
Other staff consists of non-classroom teachers or those that are NOT class advisors.

The CHS Midwest Cooperative Onida Team will work to try and bring in more pounds of non-perishable items than the other teams.

All items collected from the Blunt Elementary will go to the Pierre Food Pantry, Onida donations will go to the Gettysburg Food Pantry.

We hope you will join us in helping fill the shelves for those in need within our communities! If you have any questions please contact our Onida Office at 258-2687 ask for Val Chicoine or Jolene Schall.

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