Producer Board

CHS Midwest Cooperative Producer Board-

Our producer board is made up of farmers and ranchers right here in west central South Dakota.  Having a producer board ensures all decisions for the company are made by the farmers and ranchers and for the farmers and ranchers right here in our local area.

From Left to Right: Back row: Randy Hague, Clayton Buhler, Mitch Norman, Burjes Fitch
Front row: Ken Miller, Brandon Rock, Chris Fosheim

Ken Miller, Draper

Vice President:
Burjes Fitch, Philip

Brandon Rock, Long Valley

Board Members:
Clayton Buhler, Onida
Mitch Norman, Ft. Pierre
Chris Fosheim, Midland
Randy Hague, Highmore

CHS Director, Dist. 4, South Dakota:
Randy Knecht
David Kayser

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