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Looking For In-season Seed?


Tue, 22nd
High: 86F
Low: 52F
Precip: 0%

Wed, 23rd
High: 90F
Low: 62F
Precip: 58%

Thu, 24th
High: 93F
Low: 64F
Precip: 20%

Fri, 25th
High: 92F
Low: 61F
Precip: 20%

Sat, 26th
High: 94F
Low: 62F
Precip: 0%




Current DP Programs:
Winter & Spring Wheat
Free DP until June 30, 2018
( 5 cents/month starting July 1, 2018)

Corn: Free DP until June 30, 2018
(5 cents/month starting July 1, 2018)


Spring is here and so is the possibility of Grass Tetany. What can you do? Learn more about what to look for and how our SmartLic supplements can help at our website: https://t.co/dNYvK2nMZb

Looks like yield potential. Onida Plot 40 corn hybrids & 26 Xtend soybean varieties planted. #allegiantseed #DKAS #Legendseed Just sunflowers to go.

Wishing everyone a #safe and #successful spring season from all of us at CHS Midwest Cooperative. #plant18

Working to enhance profitability, #Agellum™ brings comprehensive solutions for day-to-day, year-round and future farm success. Contact us today to learn more about this #precisionagriculture tool available only at your local CHS Midwest Cooperative.

This #BeefMonth we would like to thank all of our #beef producers for everything they do to ensure we have a meal on the table. Thank you from all of us at CHS Midwest Cooperative. #ThankYou #EatBeef

Look to #ContaiN this season to ensure you are stabilizing the nitrogen in the soil. AgXplore created ContaiN, a mixture of AgXplore’s proprietary product, N-Zone Max and an NBPT; to provide growers with a double action stabilizer above and below ground.

Capture the value of creep #feed this season. With creep feed formulations that compliment grass, we have been able to see gains rise to 60-80lbs or more and feed efficiencies improve to 5-6lbs of feed per lb of gain. Contact us to learn more.

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